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Minute Man Dart League - Spring 2022 - Post Season

Group: Cent C Schedule


This league has a 2 Match playoff format – DartConnect only displays the first match date.

Completed Matches
17 May 2022 - Tuesday
7:30 PM
Prestige Worldwide
96 League Points
Adam Hayett
Moose Juice
87 League Points
Nate Reed
7:30 PM
99 League Points
Ron Beaupre
Who's Henry?
107 League Points
Vicky Eldredge
7:30 PM
Frosty Buds
99 League Points
Fred Wallis
81 League Points
George Sullivan
7:30 PM
Hassle On
101 League Points
Ken Rockett
The Winos
107 League Points
Mike Miele
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