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Minute Man Dart League - Spring 2022 - Post Season

Group: Cent B Schedule


This league has a 2 Match playoff format – DartConnect only displays the first match date.

Completed Matches
17 May 2022 - Tuesday
7:30 PM
Smokin Prophets
96 League Points
Chuck Shaw
Mugs Away
87 League Points
Joe Altamirano
7:30 PM
Nice Third
92 League Points
CJ Buchanan
79 League Points
Bobby Saraf
Fat Camp Dropouts
90 League Points
Bill DeKing
Marche Misfits
95 League Points
Jim Asam
7:30 PM
Bent Shafts
92 League Points
John DeRosa
Half the Pub
97 League Points
Chris Roberts
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