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Minute Man Dart League - Spring 2022 - Post Season

Group: NS C Schedule


This league has a 2 Match playoff format – DartConnect only displays the first match date.

Completed Matches
17 May 2022 - Tuesday
Bulls in Flight
95 League Points
Shawn Marshall
Tons of Anarchy
91 League Points
Vincent Dembro
7:30 PM
Baked Tuna
65 League Points
Jason Sordillo
Celtic Shamrocks
96 League Points
Donald Cross
7:30 PM
R.I.P... Again
90 League Points
Matt Ventre
Sofa Kings
74 League Points
Nik Davis
7:30 PM
We're Back Again
95 League Points
Scott Hally
Team All In
81 League Points
George Hicks
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