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Minute Man Dart League - Fall 2021 - Post Season

Group: Bos A Schedule


This league has a 2 Match playoff format – DartConnect only displays the first match date.

A Message from the League:

Captains determine which match is played at home according to the MMDL playoff rules. The second match may be on Thursday or the following Tuesday - Check the MMDL bracket for your playoff group. ATTENTION Central Area: Until further notice, contact Anna Moretti for all playoff questions and results: 978-882-5207 or annam@mmdl.org

For more playoff information, visit MMDL.

Delayed Matches

These matches were not played on their scheduled date. These need to be rescheduled.

14 Dec 2021 - Tuesday
Show 1 Postponed Match
7:30 PM
Just The Tip
85 League Points
Robbie White
Right There
70 League Points
George McCarthy
Completed Matches
14 Dec 2021 - Tuesday
7:30 PM
Oche Misfits
97 League Points
Chris Jensen
66 League Points
Stephen Amaral
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