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Minute Man Dart League - Fall 2021 - Post Season

Group: NS A Schedule


This league has a 2 Match playoff format – DartConnect only displays the first match date.

A Message from the League:

Captains determine which match is played at home according to the MMDL playoff rules. The second match may be on Thursday or the following Tuesday - Check the MMDL bracket for your playoff group. ATTENTION Central Area: Until further notice, contact Anna Moretti for all playoff questions and results: 978-882-5207 or annam@mmdl.org

For more playoff information, visit MMDL.

Completed Matches
14 Dec 2021 - Tuesday
Business Casual
114 League Points
Sean Doherty
The 19th Hole
68 League Points
Dan Veilleux
Bulls On Parade
105 League Points
Daryl Jackson
Fallen Heroes
84 League Points
Julio Sanabia
85 League Points
Ken Avery
The Killer Bulls
85 League Points
Mike Pastorello
Inner Voices
107 League Points
Patty (Puddles) Walz
Just Hit It
83 League Points
Marvin Sutson
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